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The SiCE Contributor Membership provides tools and resources for professionals and businesses within the entertainment industry. 

By purchasing a membership, you gain exclusive access to our sales & marketing resources that allow you to promote your brand into a dedicated niche of Electronic Music fans.

Whether you wish to expand your reach, showcase your brand, share your message, sell your products & services or streamline business processes,
SiCE is here to assist.

Join as a contributor today and expand your potential.

Why Join?

We are a Kiwi Business who understands the challenges and excitement of developing, growing and managing a brand, business and community.

Our purpose built platform will help you save time, money and effort by providing a streamlined way to reach your customers, share your message and manage your online presence. 


Find other like minded people with similar passions and develop your professional network.


Get paid for creating and sharing content or sell your products & services in our Marketplace.


Reach new fans & customers to help grow your client base while developing stronger community relationships.


Focus on what you love to do by reducing the time and effort it takes to develop your brand.

Some of the benefits

This is just the start for us and we look forward to continually improving our services, investing in our technology
and helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

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