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New Zealand / Waikato / Paeroa
Face Of The Forest 2019
Washed Rinsed & Dried 2019
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The heart felt and then the heart followed. We once visioned what our party will be like, We never wanted them to be the same as anyone else’s, something original, unique and eye opening.

We attended a variety of underground events for a few years before creating The Busy Movement. Many were from Impossible Objects and Aum Productions, these had very special aspects and the energy created was raw. Community, Creativity, Music and Dancing. It was all there, our biggest of them of them all was Dancing.

We believe dancing and genuinely grooving to the sounds of music is what hooked our souls. We liked to Stay Busy on the dance floor… making that Busy Movement. Yes The Busy Movement, its a dancing thing.

And thats where we get the name and the our number one saying ‘Stay Busy’. Late 2018 we got some equipment together, made some merch and hosted and event. It began. All starting in the depths of the countryside in Eastern Waikato, The Busy Movement is based in Paeroa, scoping out new unique locations to host our next events.

We continued to do what we did with a growing crowd, our unique style and creative side was getting noticed and people were talking.

When being asked to be apart of OtherlanZ – Expedition was a huge stepping stone, picking a line up was a crazy feeling, we felt proper. Collaborating with Insomniak Records on the House and Techno Zone. From there 2 months on we host Face Of The Forest – Insomniak Records in the middle of nowhere in a 100 year old railway hall. 150 people being uplifted by the Underground House and Techno sounds, journeys through music many have never heard.

I myself (Janik) fell into the stage design trap where I now see a lot of my passion heading towards. Using Up-Cycled materials and scavenging dump piles I quickly became hooked on making pieces of art people can dance around all night and day. UV has been a big aspect of our designs and decor but I now look and expanding into new realms using the UV more minimally. Heading in a new directions is exciting!

We are sitting on the 4×4 beat, we run mainly House & Techno events but are sure to expand in the coming year(s). We are following our heart, all is falling into place and we hope to be creating a unique space for us all to dance soon.

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The Busy Movement
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