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International News #1

Welcome to the first article in the International News Section


The Chronicle is a dedicated feed of quality content tailored for the NZ Electronic Music Industry.
Each article, submitted by our contributors or written in house, is checked by our editors to ensure the info presented is interesting, factual, relevant, informative, helpful, fun and meets our guidelines to be presented to you.

So what is the International News Section?

The international news section will feature relevant electronic music news from around the world. Whether that be festivals, artists, products, companies or general items of interest, this is where you will find them.

This section will help you stay informed about all that is happening on the global stage.

International News #1

Here at SiCE, we are tired of all the blah blah you find while scrolling on other platforms and have created the Chronicle to help you find the info & news that you really want to know about.
Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more International News coming soon.

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