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OtherlanZ Expedition by David Sloan
OtherlanZ Expedition by David Sloan
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Not long ago, the first pioneers journeyed to OtherlanZ.
They came to seek refuge & escape the harsh realities of Earth 2128.
We laughed, we danced and came together as one to celebrate this new world.

A few months have now passed and there is so much to learn about this strange and wonderful place. We have recently sent out explorers to create new pathways, develop new settlements and find new wonders.

The time has now come to join these explorers as we invite you, our community, to see what they have found.

Are you ready to join the Expedition?


✪ The Entertainment ✪

OtherlanZ will feature 6 music areas including 4 new outposts for you to explore.
Each zone will feature it’s own style of music, have it’s own vibe and be curated by different exploration groups.

Zone styles include:
DnB | Psy | House & Techno | Rave & Hard | Bass Music | Chill

Musical Talent

Aidan Kelly | Adamint | Aotearolla | BattleKatz | Bibi Queen | Biobird |Brothers of the Blade | Cymatic | D-Low | Dankenstein
David Breidenthal | Dean Davis Dirty Harry | Dirty Load | Diztort | DJ Bert | DJ Firefly | DJ Kamotion | Dj Q | Dreadnought | FireStorm Freecell | Froggman
G-Ninja | Hannah Fang | GMT | Graysound | Hannah Fang | HardKlippaz | Hardstyle Haz | Jake Rattler | Jungle Boy | Junky Monkey | Kamal | KickSmith | Kild Kohu | Marcus Morgan | Matt Rapid | MC Sweaty Brix | Medium |Mellowtact | Merks | Mittz | Mowgli  | Munter | Nerdy Absurdy | NGN | Nioka | Nucleic | OSully Onderbroek | Òran Mór | Osey | Paige Julia | Prana | Psynamics | Resonaural | REZEN8 | S_low | SANOI |Scott Murray | Selknam | Sly Chaos | Snead Place | Sonic Climax | Stolen Tuesday | TwoFace | Unkwn | Witters | Wreckage | Xephex | Yarnfunk


Expedition Crews

Adenosina Collaborative
Closed Eye Focus
The Drum & Bass Massive
E4 Records
Hard Dance Auckland
Home Bass Radio
Impossible Objects
Insomniak Records
Port Dubs Collective
Spacecraft Studio
The Busy Movement
Twin Digits

While not engaging your aural senses there is plenty to see and do.

– Lax out under the trees and make new friends
– Check out some of the art installations across site
– Take a dip in the freshwater lake on Sunday

Food Stalls

Maidstone Burgers
Coffee Pirates Mobile Expresso
Earth Monkey

Contributing Artists:

Alex Fields
Honey Bunny Visuals
Jaimie Killen
Pretty Lights NZ
Meg Andherson
SiC Entertainment
VJ Pumpkin

– We also welcome Fire Spinners.
There will be a dedicated fire area for all to enjoy near the ruins stage.
Please note that open fires of any sort are not permitted anywhere on site except for in the marked zone.
Please bring your own fuel and take all precautions to ensure you and those around you are safe.
Please follow any directions given by our Fire Marshal, security or staff.


OtherlanZ is a place to be yourself.
No ego’s, no judgement, no worries.

We encourage the creative and this includes dressing up 🙂

*** We do recommend a good pair of shoes though, as OtherlanZ is still being developed and the world is a rocky place.


★ Secret Location ★

The coordinates will only be provided to those who have booked. These will be emailed out to ticket holders on Wednesday April 10th.

You’re looking at an approximate drive time of 1hr South from Auckland.

To minimise the number of vehicles and our impact, we ask that you carpool where possible.

If you have not been to one of our events or never heard of us, you may need to take a leap and trust that we deliver wicked events, as location and line ups are often kept secret until closer to the event. Alternatively ask around, there are plenty of people who know what we’re about.

Plus check out our page links at the bottom of this thread for pics, videos and our past events.


✰ Additional Info ✰

Gates open 4pm Saturday.
Gates close at 9pm Saturday night – Get there before then ***

Music starts at 7pm

Gates will reopen at 8am Sunday
All out at 4pm Sunday

No pass outs allowed.


Self Catering Food and Drink

– No Glass allowed
– Free water available on site
– No Fires

This is a zero waste space and there are no bins available. Please take all rubbish home with you.

Please respect your limits, look after your mates and drink plenty of water.


This is an all-weather event
R18 – ID required

Please note Otherlanz has rough terrain and at this time is not suitable for those with physical impairments. We are working on changing this.

Come prepared.



*** Please read the above event description for further information about the event, policies and what to expect on another world called OtherlanZ ***

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