Earn by Sharing Content

SiCE Agents Program

What is it

The SiCE Agents Program allows Affiliate Agents to earn real cash by promoting and sharing content from the SiCE website.

When an Agent shares any content from the SiCE website, a unique identifier is added to your link. If someone clicks on this link and then makes any purchase on the SiCE site within 30 days, you get paid a referral commission.

Join as a member or contributor today and get paid to share what you love.

Why Join?

By joining as a Member or Contributor,
you can apply to become an Agent and earn back your membership fees plus much more.

Get Paid

As an agent you will be paid a commission of 3-10% of the value of the purchase made by someone you referred.


Agents can also get cash back from any purchases they make, reducing your costs and saving you money.

Share the love

By sharing content, you not only get rewarded but help the content creators spread their message.


Via your dedicated Agent Dashboard, you will be able to track your referrals, earnings and manage your profile.

What can you share?

You can share almost any page from the SiCE Website including:

Join Today

Get Paid to Share what you love

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